About Us

Afroblonde is an Australian sustainable fashion brand that makes beautiful ecological & environmental correct accessories in a way that is fair to everyone.

The idea behind Afroblonde Recycled Truck Canvas Ecollection is to make all sorts of accessories from heavy duty truck canvas and recycled tires. Our products have seen their first life on the street and are now applied in a totally new way, insisting on excellent design and functionality. This is what the word upcycling means: something of lesser value is turned into something of higher value.

Afroblonde Ecollection transforms truck canvas which would have been thrown away otherwise, into highly functional and stylish headwear, footwear, clothes,  belts, bags & wallets.

We have a special responsibility for the world we are living in and have to confront the challenges of climate change and environmental stewardship. The resources on our planet will not last forever and our commitment to sustainability is to reduce the waste and turn it into new and stylish products. Our ethos therefore is to give waste a new life.

The tarps are tanned by different weather conditions as sun and rain. This gives each piece of canvas its own individual look. Every product has its unique design and it has been individually hand crafted with superb craftsmanship. The tires and tarps make a great material to work with because it is very tough, durable, water resistant and functional. It’s the perfect product for people who are aware of the environment we are living in and like to have stylish but still very tough ecological products.

“We should try to spread the action of sustainability where the act of information happens”

Come and join us to make our planet a better place for future generations.