• 70 mollion tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere every day
  • Models predict that the Earth will warm between 2 and 6 degree Celsius in the next century
  • The hottest years on record have been in the last 10 out of 12 years from 1997 to 2008
  • Cows produce more methane than the oil industry
  • Approximately half of the species alive on Earth today may become extinct within the next 75 years (about one species every 5 minutes)
  • At least 10.000 species go extinct every year
  • 17% of the Amazon rainforest has been cut down in the last 50 years
  • 22% of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef already died by coral bleaching (due to climate change)


Why is it worth to recycle?


Since the Industrial Revolution our planet has changed a lot.

Big interventions in our Earth’s environment caused by humans such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, extreme agriculture, overfishing, environmental pollution and a constantly rising population are destroying the natural balance of our beautiful planet.

This has fatal consequences .

By artificially increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (carbon dioxide, methane) we cause Global Warming.

Earth’s surface temperature is steadily rising which has further effects on our ecosystems.

The Climate Change has enhanced extreme weather conditions and can be linked with a growing number of natural disasters.

Heat waves, droughts and intense rain events have increased in the last 50 years.

Rising sea levels caused by the melting glaciers erode coasts and cause coastal flooding.

Islands disappear.

Rainforests are cut down and destroyed by farming and for the timber, gold and oil industry, leaving dead soil.

The ecosystems on land and in the oceans are endangered and a Mass Instinction of species has already started.

Coral reefs are dying from rising temperatures and acidification of the oceans.

Many animals are deprived of their natural habitat.

Food chains are out of balance.

Humans loose their homes and lives not only by natural catastrophes but also through spreading diseases in places with rising temperatures and a poor medical support.

We have to slow down this process and stop further destruction.


Everyone can help by:


  • Using Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Water,…) Instead of Using Fossil Fuels
  • Stopping Deforestation and Growing New Forests
  • Supporting Permaculture Instead of Aggressive Agriculture
  • Eating Less Meat To Reduce Methane Emission
  • Buying Less Mass Manufactured Goods And More Products From Renewable Raw Materials
  • Joining Organizations To Protect Our Planet
  • RECYCLING!!! (Separating Rubbish, Re-Using Products)