Ankle Boots Unisex


Afroblonde Ankle Boots Unisex have been developed for comfort and durability.

They have an edgy design and will set a statement to your outfit.




These Ankle Boots Unisex are


  • made of original truck canvas used by Australia´s trucks and road trains
  • heavy duty cotton
  • all weather resistant and durable
  • unique in detailing and shade of canvas
  • soles are made of processed tyres
  • light and comfortable
  • available in beige and dark sand colour
  • eco friendly and vegan
  • breathable


Please check the colour availability with us before ordering by sending us an email with your preferred colour.


“This is not just a boot. It’s a garment that is contributing to save the human race and its planet.”

“The average person takes seventy-five hundred steps a day, 274 million steps over the course of a long life, the equivalent of six times around the globe.”

AFROBLONDE simply wants to be part of Your journey.