Laptop Messenger Bag


Afroblonde Laptop Messenger Bag is a classic messenger bag with anti-shock protection for a laptop up to 15,6″.

Made of recycled truck canvas, it is water resistant and very durable.

Duffle Bag


Afroblonde Duffle Bag is a light, water resistant bag made of recycled truck canvas.

This exclusive bag is hand crafted, durable, eco friendly & vegan.

Bucket Hat


Afroblonde Bucket Hat is a floppy, loose sitting, water resistant hat.

Simple and straightforward, this bucket hat is completely packable and crushable. It can be easily folded and stuffed in a back pocket, purse or bag.

Great for travelling and outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking or just a fun day at the beach.

Urban Boots Unisex


Afroblonde Urban Boots Unisex are eco friendly and vegan.

They are designed to be durable and comfortable, making them the perfect boots for both city and nature.

Bum Bag


Afroblonde Bum Bag is the perfect accessory for your travels, sports or festivals. It can be used for passport, wallet, phone, keys etc.

Digger Hat


Afroblonde Digger Hat is a light, comfortable and water resistant hat, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities.

Sneakers Unisex


Afroblonde Sneakers are eco friendly and vegan.

They have a comfortable fit and a light and breathable design, making them the perfect shoes for every day.

Out Of Stock

Laptop Backpack


Afroblonde Laptop Backpack is multifunctional for everyday use.

Protect and organize your possessions with this backpack. Store smaller items in the bag’s multiple zippered pockets, and slip your notebook into its integrated padded laptop compartment for safekeeping.


Pouch Bag


Afroblonde Pouch Bag is a small and handy mini bag. It’s made for your everyday and travel essentials so you have them save with you all the time.

Adventure Boots Unisex


Afroblonde Adventure Boots Unisex are eco friendly & vegan.

They have been developed with our experience and expertise of many years to make them durable and comfortable.

Designed with the latest technology to make them the perfect outdoor boots.

Messenger Bag


Our Afroblonde Messenger Bag is stylish and casual for everyday use at work, university, school or a stroll in the city.

100% Vegan and Eco-Friendly.

Shoulder Bag Small


Afroblonde Shoulder Bag Small is a handy, light and compact bag for your essentials. The perfect day-to-night accessory.


Urban Shoulder Bag


Afroblonde Urban Shoulder Bag is a handy & light bag for your essentials with plenty of room for water bottle, electronic devices, books and more. The perfect day-to-night accessory.

Military Cap


Afroblonde Military Cap is a classic and stylish cap that gives you complete sun protection.

Its’ adjustable slide closure allows it to fit all hat sizes.

Out Of Stock

Women’s Boots


Afroblonde Women’s Boots have been developed over a long period of time to make them durable, comfortable and fashionable.

These Boots are eco friendly & vegan.


Long Boots Unisex


Afroblonde Long Boots Unisex have been developed over a long period of time to make them our signature boots.

They are durable, comfortable and fashionable.



Afroblonde Wallet provides space for notes, coins, cards and ID.

It has a slim design to fit in any pocket.

Urban Backpack


Afroblonde Urban Backpack has the perfect size for an everyday backpack.

This stylish and practical backpack is eco friendly & vegan.

Baseball Cap


Afroblonde Baseball Cap is a classic and stylish cap that gives you complete sun protection.

Its’ adjustable slide closure allows it to fit all hat sizes.




Messenger Bag Medium


Afroblonde Messenger Bag Medium is a classic messenger bag for everyday use.

Practical and convenient use for work, in school or university.

Eco friendly & vegan.


Thongs Flip Flop


Afroblonde Thongs Flip Flop are a fusion of strong materials to make them one of the most durable thongs.

They are stylish and comfortable, perfect for the beach, bushwalking, fishing or camping.